Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bad blog owner...

Sorry this blog has been rather blah lately. A lot has happened. Allow me to update you:

I've been adjusting to my new job. Working two stores is tough work; deadlines, different management styles, earlier hours, babysitting woes, huge greeting card relays... I'm not complaining though. I DO love my job and I love being busy. It keeps me sane and my mind occupied.

We've decided that living in a wooden-paneled kitchen stinks so we're currenting painting it! Yeah, it's about time! I'll post photos when we're through. All we have left are cabinet doors and we'll be free! Keep an open mind about the wall color when you see it...

Mike lost his job on Monday so things have been increasingly stressful. I don't think the reality of it has hit either of us just yet. I know we'll pull through somehow. If we have to sell our house, at least the kitchen looks cool.

So those are the main things going on right now.

On an unrelated note; is it me or does it seem like they're going to cancel Chuck??? I read rumors of it happening but UGH! I LOVE that show. =( Sad times, indeed.