Tuesday, December 30, 2008

resolutions-edited! :)

Looks like it's that time again to begin making (then breaking) resolutions. I'm happy that 2008 will finally be over. You couldn't pay me to relive it...

Anyway, here's the list- it's bound to change somewhat but this is kind of what I'm leaning towards:

1. Stop buying things to make myself feel better.
2. Smile more.
3. Obviously, exercise more.
4. Establish a healthier diet. Which is pretty much on everyone's list
5. Get out of Borders (this is more like on my 5 year plan...)
6. Severely limit my white mocha intake.
7. Build our savings and STOP TOUCHING IT.
8. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Make it stick, for once.
9. Work on creativity...

So I think that's where I'm right now. I know a few of those will get instantly broke but that's ok. I can accept that :)

All I really want from 2009 is getting the old me back. I'll definitely try!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

50 things I love about Heidi

I have the bestest best friend in the world :) (go see my comments on my previous post and you'll agree...)

So here's 50 things I love about Heidi:

1. If I look like a nerd, she's straight up with me.
2. She makes me laugh until I cry. It's getting harder and harder for people to do that to me but she has never failed.
3. She has a sweet voice when she sings... so full of passion.
4. Her songwriting skills are phenomenal. She can link words together effortlessly.
5. She is beautiful.
6. She has goregous hair. Thick or thin, it's still beautiful and sleek.
7. She can make do with less and still create a tasty feast
8. She DOES make do with less.
9. Her artist's eye sees the world creatively in ways I could've never imagined.
10. She humors me when I get obsessed over things.
11. Not a huge fan of Foo Fighters but took me to their concert anyway and we both had a blast!
12. Her navagational skills are off the chart. She can find anyplace. Except Alderwood Mall ^.~
13. She thought Spain was next to Mexico!
14. She thought New Zealanders spoke Russian!
15. If she wants to learn something, she is smart enough to pick it up quickly and keep at it.
16. She works harder than anyone I know.
17. She smiles at strangers.
18. Loves getting dorky with me. (think Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed)
19. Never loses her cool.
20. She can read my mind!
21. Her ability to charm people amazes me.
22. We can sit in complete silence and never feel awkward.
23. She knows all of my secrets and has never spilled. Ever.
24. She tells the most amazing stories; good or bad experiences...she can always tell it like you were there.
25. She can make the most mundane of situations more exciting.
26. We can have a silent conversation across the room without words or lipreading. We just "know"
27. Her dad's humor comes through her-whether she knows it or not.
28. Her passion is real. Once, she was passionately against swearing. It lasted a long time. :)
29. She is open minded about anything I say.
30. She plays with her kids and cares SO much for their happiness.
31. She's a talented acting partner and stunt person in our 'cooking shows'
32. Dislikes the same kinds of people that I do. :)
33. Her ability to stay afloat through her own life's trials makes me proud.
34. She falls asleep halfway through just about every movie.
35. The number of times she's seen 8 Seconds, The Court Jester, Misery, & Clueless.
36. Her scheming
37. She lets me make mistakes.
38. She took me to Colorado with her last year.
39. Her stubborn scale is off the charts.
40. She is always on my side. Even if I'm wrong (which she'll point out) she still sticks by me.
41. If I tell her to beat up someone, she probably would. Or at least knows someone that would. :)
42. She was pregnant the same time I was, that was fun! Quadruple the food!
43. We always appreciate each other in little ways.
44. She'd watch Jamie anytime I ask her.
45. She never competes with me even though we like to do the same types of things. She doesn't try to one-up me.
46. She tells me every juicy detail. Even the ones I don't wanna know.
47. She'd give me her most prized possession if I asked her.
48. She's seen me cry
49. She sticks with me even when I'm not a very good friend
50. She has agreed to be my future wife if Mike passes hahaha This is a hilarious inside joke that has been going for years... I can't even explain. :)

I hope she knows how much I truly love her and her being patient and understanding. I would do anything for her. Yes, even if she lost all her hair, I'd shave mine and let her have it :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008


I saw this posted on another person's blog and I thought I'd do it too. Yay for being orginal! :) Here goes; in no particular order:

50 things I love:
1. family- obvious choice ^.~
2. evergreen trees
3. paper. all kinds, textures, patterns & sizes
4. shoes. i can find any reason to buy new shoes.
5. purses! (ditto)
6. blog reader. inspiration daily.
7. pajamas
8. the smell of airports. It's a memory trigger thing
9. grandma's house
10. foo fighters
11. photography
12. payday!
13. peanut butter and marshmellow sandwiches. in moderation.
14. white chocolate mochas
15. baking cookies and breads
16. discovering a new tv show and watching it through on dvd
17. relating to a novel.
18. getting my hair cut/colored
19. concerts
20. newly sharpened pencils
21. the smell of summer
22. waterfalls
23. jamie's quick wit
24. being busy without being interupted
25. not hearing a thing at nighttime
26. babies!
27. dr.pepper
28. rocking out in my car
29. making fun of my husband
30. retail therapy
31. When Jamie says "I love you" at random times
32. girl time with heidi
33. playing pranks
34. nutella
35. My so-called life
36. books. all kinds. i'm sort of addicted
37. the number 9
38. paying off a bill
39. excedrin
40. that people laugh when im intentionally funny
41. my mom doing a face plant into her cheesecake story
42. sinking my toes into warm, soft sand
43. a really hot bath
44. my personal space
45. grandma's mashed potatoes and gravy
46. round tables pizza
47. that my brothers and I don't fight anymore. they see the light: that I'm cool.
48. getting personal email/letters/notes
49. being invited
50. being able to go.

50 things I do not love:
1. being late
2. when objects slip out of my klutzy fingers
3. being nudged to wake up for work. repeatedly.
4. when people don't write back
5. being poked
6. being hugged by people I don't know.
7. feeling pressured to hug people
8. being told "no"
9. indirect answers to my direct questions
10. "do you work here?"
11. being called "ma'am"
12. alternately, "this was before your time, you wouldn't understand..."
13. strips of stickers on 3 sides of a new dvd.
14. shows that don't offer closed caption.
15. feuds between stupid things(i.e blu ray vs. HD, american eagle vs. hollister, xbox vs. ps3, nikon vs. canon, NIV bibles vs. KJV Bibles... that sort of stuff)
16. the f-bomb every other word in movies.
17. when you hit "unscribe" and get it anyway.
18. when my size is getting too small
19. towels left too long in the wash
20. "Can you order it? I need it by tomorrow"
21. individuals that leave their feces on bathroom walls. seriously.
22. emo hair-dos on boys.
23. emo hair-dos on girls.
24. being cold
25. using my credit card
26. being brushed off
27. coke and pepsi
28. diet books
29. mothers/dads who use decimals to give their child's age
30. people well versed in their vitals. especially when they remember them from 5 years ago.
31. discussions about weird medical problems (with the person I'm conversing with)
32. misspelled words
33. people that mumble
34. matching outfits for siblings that are at least 3+ years apart. It's not cute.
35. people that speak in tongues. sorry but it's always creeped me out.
37. musturd
38. flat pillows
39. guys that warble their voices when trying to sing acapella.
40. tv shows about dancing (reality shows in general)
41. older gentlemen that think they've one up'd you. nice one, fellas
42. leaving voicemails
43. making overhead pages
44. "What, you don't know who so-and-so are? You should know your product better,"
45. messes
46. being ignored or feeling like i'm being ignored
47. flossing
48. bathroom cleaning duty
49. gaged ear lobes
50. typical tattoos on ankles and small of backs for women. be creative!

I hope this was amusing :) It's time for bed!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Photos and files are slowly being recovered. The spinning whatchamacallit is spinning again- only periodically. Big thanks to Don for taking the time to do this for me. You are the smartest man alive.

In other news, so far we still have power. A lot of snow but definitely power. I'm currently just hanging out, making paper ornaments, listening to my iTunes (Nirvana "Come as You Are") and chatting with Mike.

I've been contemptlating New Year's Resolutions while dreading my impending 29th birthday. I feel like 2009 is going to go much better than this year. This year has been one tiny (heart)break after another. Tiny breaks like that can cause a person to crumble. Luckily, I think I've caught myself before it's reached the point of no return.
It's my sincere hope to mend those broken pieces or replace them entirely. For those broken pieces out of my control, I can only hope to find where they're supposed to go and hope they fit again. Make sense?
I'm supposed to work early tomorrow so I'll leave you with another funny video :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

I really hate computers

Mike's brother is looking at my HD right now and they're saying it doesn't look good. =/ Apparently there's something inside that's supposed to spin and when it's locked, you can't access anything. We may have to fork out a lot of money to recover my photos.

Why me.

I hate computers.


It's been snowing! And it's a pretty kind of snow too. I've taken my camera out a few times today to take sunshiney snow portraits of Jamie and simple pictures of christmas lights in the snow. Jamie also challenged me to a snowball fight. Big mistake on his part... he was plummelled to put it nicely. :) Don't judge me yet...I fight fair, I made snowballs for him to throw at me.
Also, my brother Dan invited me to snowboard with him on Monday. He's been trying to get me to go for years but due to working retail, my schedule never meshes with his. What's funny is, my boss asked me to take Monday/Thursday off at the last minute so I'm goin' on Monday! It'll be a blast, I'm sure. I've already purchased new a jacket and boardpants (cheap ones since it's not like I'll wear them all year long). I'll be renting everything else. Watch out!
I think it would be a cool thing forgo gifts next year and treat our family to fun activities at Crystal Mtn. They've got the CUTEST snowboard outfits for kids... I saw this lime green one that Jamie would look adorable in! For $250 bucks, he better look adorable ^.~ We'll see what the husband says.

Oh and enjoy a snowday clip from the Muppets. I just discovered this and it cracks.me.up.

Monday, December 15, 2008


So I thought it would be a nice project for my MOM and I to try and make Jamie some homemade jammies. I got the fabric and the pattern and we spent a few hours trying to figure out where to start (this was about a month ago, btw). My mom doesn't really sew clothing; she does cushions and curtins for her boat. Grandma used to sew clothing so we figured, if grandma can do it, so can we.
We laid out our pattern (a vintage one mind you... clever, thrifty genius that I am...) and proceeded to cut. I figured out halfway that I was supposed to cut notches too. Ooops. Shrug... Apparently, I can still make these without 'em so I kept cutting. Oh, they're for a 7 year old boy... Shrug, he'll grow into them. Cut cut cut... All cut out and neatly folded, we decided we would tackle sewing the pieces together next time.
Today I thought might be a good time to finally get those pieces finally joined and looking like real jammies since Jamie is growing like a weed. His current pj's are past the highwaters mark.
I called mom and asked her if she'd be up to it. She said she wasn't really in the mood to sew but I could come and use her machine and she'd show me how. That was the plan anyway.
Turns out, she shows me how to thread the machine & make a bobbin and sends me on my way, machine in the back of my car.
I just got done sewing the front pieces together just now. Smacks forehead. I sewed the part that was supposed to be for the buttons and button holes together. Gah.

Oh seam ripper... we're gonna be best pals, aren't we.

Photos on hold


I have lost approximately 20,000 photos =/ My external HD got knocked over and now I can't access my photos, my Lightroom or my Photoshop. Sad times, indeed. We've got a glimmer of hope that Mike's brother might save the day and recover it. Perhaps only the USB cord got damaged or something minor.

I'm crossing my fingers. Luckily, I've backed up my paid sessions onto CDs so I'm not too stressed over that. But family photos... it's all on that drive...

Can Super Don save the day?

*Stay tuned.*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oh no he didn't!

Oh yes he did.
Jamie cut Mia's whiskers.

lol The left side of her whiskers are short and even while the right side remains untouched.

Just thought it was worth sharing with the world!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ever since Thanksgiving, I've been slowly gaining composure. Those of you that were with me Thanksgiving day, I competely apologize. I melted and I couldn't do a thing to stop it. But I'm not going to go into that. Instead, I've been feeling rather energized and optimistic lately. I plan to focus more on that.

I've been seeing a family councelor lately. She hasn't even met Jamie yet but the whole point of me going is because of him. I needed help. Mike was with me at the first session but she said he wasn't required to come again. That's okay with me. It's nice to talk woman to woman about my kid. I would say that we discuss Jamie about 90% of the session. My last session with her went really well. She felt like I was responding to Jamie better and she told me I have more intuition than I give myself credit for. She leaned back in her chair with a large grin on her face and asked me if I still wanted to continue with the sessions. I felt like I wasn't quite ready to stop going. I've only gone 4 times! At this point, I think I started to ramble about what was really bothering me. Which lead me in me discussing what I felt are possible roots of the problem with Jamie; me. She perked up and asked me to be specific. I could only shrug and grasp at clues within my own mind and told her that sometimes I feel like I walk about with a measuring stick; holding it up to other moms/women and see if I measure up, If I'm good enough. At this point, she was nodding her head vigoriously, she understood where I was getting at.
I imagine a lot of other people do that. It's what makes us excel in certain areas of our lives. We need to see where the best is and strive to reach it. I think in my own situation, it's cause me to inadvertantly go backwards. It's like shrinking away from an enormous person, sort of. My lack of standing up to it caused me to be angry with myself and I believe it caused a lot of my problems between Jamie and I. I haven't been able to connect with him. Lately, I've been able control myself by not letting things get to me right off the bat. I've been able to step outside myself and assess, process. I don't make good decisions on the fly, especially when emotions are involved. Generally, I feel strong emotions when Jamie does something he's not supposed to do or he intentionally pushes my buttons. I get ugly fast. But I've able to take a second and not react right away and let my emotion subside. Then I can properly deal with him. It's not a perfect system but I'm learning. I feel like I must conquer this above all else.
Anyway, I thought it was interesting that she kept telling me how smart I was. Don't worry, I don't think I'm dumb but I've only known this woman through 4 visits and she's showing me a reflection of myself already. I know I'm smart but I don't always feel like I share it in the same capacity as others. I'll be the first to admit, my brain is too slow! I simply cannot just fire out answers right away. I need time to think, compose and reflect. I need to be able to go back and reread/reassess. I feel like this is why I'll never hold any occupation that requires quick thinking in emergency situations :) It's ok, I don't deal with blood well anyway.
So I guess my point is this... I feel good and I wanted to share it. :)