Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Okay! Okay!

I've been told I need to update the blog.

It's true, I was offered the Paperchase Merchandiser position! I started my first day yesterday but offically, it feels more like today. Today I started back at the first store I worked with nearly 10 years ago; Federal Way. Of course, it's nothing like when I first started given they've relocated to the mall. But still, it's nice to be welcomed back by friendly faces.
I've had a full day of getting the shop caught up and starting a new clearance list (yeah, that's right CLEARANCE. Go shop there. Now. Preferably in Puyallup or Federal Way, of course). It's extremely quiet not using a walkie anymore. I kind of miss that need to make a comeback every so often. :)

In other news, Jamie's got 2 more soccer games left. The last game went very well! Mike took him this time and he said all the parents and even the coaches were suprised at how well Jamie did! I sincerely hope this trend continues. We're thinking of a new activity to sign him up for once soccer ends. He's asked for swimming lessons or violin. Yeah, violin... lol Who knows? I'll have to see if there's anyone around here that offers violin lessons.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Severed ties?

By now I'm sure most of my friends and family have been informed of my job status. It's definitely in limbo. Will I have a job to go to March 23rd or will I join the thousands awaiting unemployment checks?

I've been amazingly calm over this with only a few moments of panic here and there. I haven't cried, which is probably not unusual if you know me :) It's the not knowing that makes me worry more with each day. I would almost rather know immediately. I've also been concerned about the other people that I've come to be friends with that are facing the exact challenge as me. It's not easy when you feel like your company might be giving you the shaft when you've been with them for so long and you've finally found what you're good at.

I called in sick today since I'm still fighting off the 24 hour flu and spoke with my boss over the phone. I didn't mention anything about interviews but she said that she wanted me to know that she'll be calling at the end of this week to set up times. Many friends have assured me that I've probably got nothing to worry about but it would be dumb of me not to consider other options if this is the end of my Borders career. I know that there are tons of talented people applying for my job. I've never actually been the 'best' at anything but I like to think I'm very good at what I do. I've always tried my hardest at each job I've been given. My track record would indicate so. Sure, I've never been accepted at any manager level jobs but it doesn't mean that what I do isn't important.

Somethings I've considered are going back to school. I'm not sure we could do this financially but it's fun to think about having the freedom to choose whatever class I want regardless of the days/times. Of course the other is to try that much harder for another baby. You can only try so hard, ya know? :) But I guess I'll have more time to focus on making sure I'm healthy. Luckily, we've got refinancing our house underway which will save us tons monthly along with a new pellet stove which should also help with the heating bill. We're doing what we can- just in case.

10 years is a long time to devote to one company. A retail one, at that. But yet, I've never quit. I would prefer to leave on my own terms but if this is just life telling me to turn my attention elsewhere, then I gotta respect that.

I'll post more info when I know for sure. I'm going to hope for the best!!