Friday, November 21, 2008

2009 Calendar

Here's the final product!

2009 Calendar by Christine Solomon

The calendar retails for $20.99 and filled with my favorite images. Thanks for viewing :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's not personal, it's business

I'm trying to stay focused on continuing my photography business. After all, I'm still paying for that Wordpress blog... Anyhooo...

My brain is a little scattered tonight but I wanted to throw out an idea that I'd like your guys' help with; 2009 Calendars

Yeah, it's that time. Again. I feel like I just reigned in 2008! My point is, I want to create a calendar to sell. To give. To own... I want your help in choosing images. So go for it! Browse through my 900 plus images on flickr and pick 12 of your faves and add it to my comments. You can copy/paste the url to link directly to the image or you can simply tell me the name of it (if it has one). I'd like to stay away from actual people but if you feel strongly about a particular image and it has a person despicted in it, go ahead-- add it.

Once I choose from your favorite images, I'll see about getting some printed! How's that??