Thursday, June 9, 2011

dead weight

It's been pretty close to 4 weeks since I've been "laid off" (I still work on the weekends) and at first, it was great! I got read to my hearts' content and basically do whatever I wanted before and after school. Lately though, it has started to wear off. Don't misunderstand me, the freedom to choose how I spend my day is still wonderful and I could seriously do this forever, I'm just starting to feel a little bit like dead weight. I need something to occupy my time.
This afternoon I have my first photo session in almost year (a paid one!) and after shooting my best friend's CD release party last weekend, I'm feeling like I'm learning to shoot all over again. Not good but not bad either. The bad side is, my nerves are a little fluttery (but pretty typical before a shoot), my favorite lens is in the shop being looked at and I feel like I need to relearn my camera all over again. The good side is, in a way, I get to relearn my camera again and forget about any bad habits I used to do. I basically have the memory of a gnat so sometimes, it can be a good thing.
I think in teaching my self how to use my camera again, I want to rely more on shooting correctly exposed images and relying less on Photoshop/Lightroom. I admit, I'm not a professional and most of the time, I have no idea what I'm doing. I wing it. There, I've said it!
I can't afford to take photography classes but I do have the ability to take my time and start shooting and learning on my own this summer. Summertime is the best time to begin. Start mastering exposure so as you head into winter, you don't necessarily dread shooting in darkness during the daytime. I dread shooting in-doors usually.
I also want to learn to shoot in a studio setting. That might come in handy in the winter as well. :)

Also, I need to see about developing a new business plan, website and "feel" for my little business. I want to be more choosey about what kind sessions I accept. I don't want to take just anyone who will throw money at me (although, it's probably better for the business) I want to keep those that fit with my style.

It's time for this dead weight to do some house cleaning.

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