Thursday, June 30, 2011


So far, we're a few weeks into summer and it hasn't been bad. We've had a few slumber parties, park time, visits with great grandma and of course, boring days of nothing but Sponge Bob and Johnny Test. Jamie's handled everything fairly well and I'm proud of him. We've been doing workbooks in the morning before any TV gets turned on. I need to figure out a way to do the workbooks once the meds kick in. It gets a little exhausting until then (a lot). I've also been doing some DVD workouts while he does his workbooks... sometimes, I don't mind pausing the annoying blonde to help him- it helps me catch my breath or rest my muscles. I've been doing it for a week now and I feel like I'm getting better at it. Less falling over.
Today we visited Michelle and little Caleb in Seattle for a few hours. He did great :) Caleb is pretty much the cutest baby I've ever laid eyes on (besides Jamie, of course). His big blue eyes and gummy grin lights up his entire face. Happiest. Baby. EVER. Seriously. I can't wait until my lens gets fixed so I can take some photos of him. He needs to be in magazines or something...
Once we left, things were going well until an hour and a half later (enduring Tukwila and Tacoma traffic) and 10 minutes until we were home did Jamie announce that he was going to be carsick, "Mom, I going to be carsick..." puke. That'll teach me to let him play Pac-Man and Angry Birds in the backseat... =/ For the last 10 minutes, I could smell the regurgitated fruit in the backseat. But we held it together and made it home. The good news is, Jamie is just fine and my car is clean. Next time we'll attempt the Sounder. Or something.
I'm thinking of attempting a project just for myself but I haven't decided on what yet. Do I want to redo my dresser? Paint a picture? Build a desk (HA!)? When I decide, I'll try to get some photos up. That's it for now :)

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